Total Station Calibration

Complete Servicing Repair and calibration of Total Station with NABL Traceability in Mumbai

R.C. MAURYA & CO (ISO 17025 : 2017 & ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified) Provides complete Service Repair and calibration of All type , all make Total station and other Survey instruments . We receive instruments from Mumbai , Navi Mumbai , Thane , Dombivli , Palghar , Bhiwandi , Vashi , Alibag & surrounding areas.

Our long history working with precision instrumentation has given us some unique repair and calibration capabilities. I have over 20 years of experience in large numbers of Precision optical / micro optics instruments and All type survey instruments servicing repair and Calibration. I have experience working with everything from dumpy Levels to theodolites, and from Total stations to optical tooling to Precision Alignment instruments like Jig Transit , Alignment Telescope , Sight level etc . Our services are offered complete with NABL traceable certifications. Our clients include various indian defense and aerospace manufacturers, research and calibration laboratories, and civil and construction engineering firms like L&T , Walchandnagar industries , Mesuka Engineering , NCC etc. These clients understand that periodic equipment calibration is critical for maintaining and verifying equipment accuracy.
We Provide Service , Repair and precise Calibration of Auto level , Optical Theodolite , Digital Theodolite , Total station , Profile Projector , Operation Microscope , Tool makers microscope , Jig Transit , Alignment Telescope , Sight level , Tilting level , Engineers level .

We are specialized in Total station of all makes like Leica , Sokkia , Topcan

All the instruments are Personally inspected, Dismantled, Realigned and Precisely Calibrated by Mr. R.C. MAURYA himself. which ensures that your valuable instruments are not going in inexperienced hand at any time.

Following job will be done on Total station

  1. Complete dismantling of all mechanical movements, chemically cleaning of all optics of Telescope, overhauling, Lubricating, Resetting, adjusting the instrument into the required tolerance and testing

2) Bubble reading system : dismantling, cleaning optics, resetting adjusting and centering.

3) Footscrews: Removing excess wear, Polishing, Lubricating, Removing play etc.

4) Collimation: Primary Calibration on Tri-telescopic Collimator.

5)Final field Calibration : long distance Field Calibration to ensure High accuracy in day to day usage which includes bubble centered, Horizontal Collimation, Vertical line coincidence. ( NABL traceability)

R.C. MAURYA & CO has been continuously operating and growing for over 20 years, and offers experience and professionalism you can rely on. We’re known and respected in the field of industrial metrology , Defence and Aerospace industries and can repair and calibrate equipment from just about Any manufacturer. You can trust us with your repair and calibration requirements!

Total station Servicing Repair and calibration

For more information on Total station refer Wikipedia

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